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Sahara Market has established on 2009 as the largest Halal market and restaurant in Northern California. Ever since, Sahara Market has been trying to provide the best quality items to local and surrounding customers. Customers from all around Bay Area come to Sahara Market for buying their day to day needs. Sahara Market provides a Wide range of  products and services including groceries, fresh bakeries, quality produce and vegetables, hand-slaughtered Halal meat and chicken, Halal Persian and Afghani cuisine restaurants, and Halal top quality catering.

Stop by at Sahara Market when you pass around and experience its delicious foods, fresh Afghani breads, Halal meats and chicken, and tons of products with the most friendly environment.


Sahara Grocery provides all ingredients and items you may want in your kitchen. We gather a collection of grocery items from Middle East to Iranian to Afghani to Pakistani to Indian. You will find anything you may want in our grocery store.


Sahara Bakery prepares the best Afghani-style bread in the whole bay area. We provide our breads from the quality flour and ingredients to serve our customers with healthy and delicious bread.

Meat & Chicken

Sahara Meat provides quality Halal chicken, goat, lamb, and veal. The chickens are all cage-free, local, and free of any preservatives and hormones. Goats, lambs, and veal are all also from local California farms and free of any preservatives and hormones.


Sahara Restaurant offers the most delirious Persian and Afghani cuisine in a friendly and welcoming environment. All foods are prepared in a home-made style with our best Halal meat, chicken, and other ingredients.


Sahara Catering serves you gatherings and meetings with a list of appetizers, foods, desserts, and drinks. We help you host your guests with the best arrangements and service you deserve.

Fresh Produce

Sahara Fresh Produce offers quality fresh local fruits and vegetables. You may find your daily needs of produce in our market with a reasonable price.

Afghani Bread

Afghan bread, or Nân-i Afğânī, is the national bread of Afghanistan. The bread is oval or rectangular and baked in a tandoor, a cylindrical oven that is the primary cooking equipment of the sub-continental region.

Afghan bread is well-prepared at Sahara Market the same as traditional recipe in its mainland. People from all around the bay area and central valley come to our market to buy Afghani bread. You can have it with your breakfast or as a side of your dishes at lunch and dinner. Come and taste the bread once and you will be loving this bread.

Meat & Chicken (Halal)

Feel like preparing a fantastic grilling gathering? Need to cook delicious food for your family? Sahara Market offers all the best quality, cage-free, humanly treated, Antibiotic-free, hand-slaughtered Halal meat and chicken. When it comes to serving up a tender and juicy cut of beef, goat, lamb, or chicken, you can never go wrong with Sahara Market on your table.

Simply stop by at our Halal Market in Dublin and buy all your grocery items including meat and chicken. Just try our quality butchery items and you will prefer them next time.

Mediterranean Cuisine

Mediterranean cuisine is the foods and methods of preparation by people of the Mediterranean Basin region. If you want to find out how delicious would be food prepared with Mediterranean cuisine style, come and order your first meal at our Restaurant. And we will promise you that you will be loving it thereafter. From Persian style food like Koobideh, Ash, and Ghorme Sabzi to Afghani foods like Mantu, Aushak, and Bolani, we prepare wide range of food items for all flavors.

We welcome you, your family, and your guests to our family friendly restaurant. We also offer you to do your grocery, meat, bakery, and produce shopping while your food is prepared.

Catering For All Your Gatherings

Our skillful chefs and masters at catering team are extremely proud of the work they do. We wholeheartedly put our efforts into events because we truly care about bringing people together to share important times in their lives. It’s that passion that makes us feel so honored to have been recognized by our peers over the years, as well as local communities.

We understand feeding a crowd is stressful, so we exist to make your life easier. Call today and we’ll handle every last detail.

Groceries, All You Need

If you’re looking to do your weekly grocery shopping, prepare your day-to-day produce and meat items, pick up a few specialty items, enjoy warm and fresh baked bread, find a gift for someone, or maybe simply get yourself a treat, Sahara Market have got you covered with carefully selected items for all tastes.

We devoted to provide the quality, fresh, and most delicious items from all reputable brands. The volume of transactions and hand-in-hand relationship we have with our providers give us the opportunity to serve our clients with the best quality and the lowest price possible.

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